Super Mario Galaxy review pt. 1

Mario one of the most famous characters in video gaming has another hit, this game awsome. First the open vid are like the best I have seen on wii so far, who said the does not have next gen graphics. I got game for my birthday so I played it all night. This game stays true much to the just about all the other super mario games (except sunshine). The level design is like a "on purpose glich happy wonderland", all sometimes gravity is on your side or on its side.Sometimes you have to learn (die) to know where gravity apply, but this takes little away from the game. you almost can not fall in this game, the way mario can just jump of the edge of a level only to come flying across the other side.The only real that I am having wiht this game is that it is to easy, I got 50 stars in 2 days and was only playing for 2hours a-day.

PS:sorry for taking so long but skool sucks but i need to pass
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