All in all

The Grammy was a great show, great performances, artists, combos, and
surprises. I think now I see why amy winehouse won earlier, she was so
greatful to get her Grammy. This is what I love about music, theres so
many different kinds and they all come together here at the Grammys

Thank you and good nite

Tag Tigerson


Rihanna won her first Grammy! I toally love her music. Her and jay z
were so cute on stage, but theres nothing going on right? No just
kidding they're just friends, guess it was an inside joke.

I'm so happy for her!!!!!!!! : )

Another great one

Tina & Beyonce

Sorry about the picture it was Sent from my iPhone

Great performance

Kanye just gave one of his best performances to date on the Grammys.
The light up glasses and jacket very different. The end was very
touching, I can tell he was fighting the tears. Great performance...

Paramore should have won

Man I fell in love with paramore this year, and I feel that they
should have won. I mean the least they could do was invite amy to the
US to perform, oh well...
More posts later 2nite.