WOW MJD!!!!!......REALLY?!?!?!?!

So it's late at night I'm watching alcoholharmory's blogtv show, tired n about to go to sleep. Then I see a guest under the name MiSSJACKDAVEY, and I can't believe it. I mean it's one thing to go to a chat knowing a celbrity will be here but there will be to much ppl for it to matter, but this was just sooo amazing.she was only there for a while but it was sooooo kewl.


DAMN work is boring.......


Damn girl you inspired me for reelz

so i was reading today's blog by Teyana Taylor A.K.A the [teen president], and she really inspired me to "MOVE". It's nice to see a young lady have a good head her shoulders, i mean way she talks all different issues on her it's refreshing. Iook forward to reading more her.


Pardon Me...ahem

sorry i have'nt been posting like i should
   i'll take a lesson from Miss Jack Davey and start up again